*****  Answers to Your questions  ******

Q Why are there not more Practices available ?
A Every Year the City of Timmins follows a fair ice protocol in allocating ice time to all the sporting organizations that require ice; including hockey, figure skating, and other rec leagues.   Each year the TRA seeks to maintain the amount of ice that we already have and seeks additional ice. The facts are that prime ice time in Timmins is highly sought. Therefore, extra ice requests have not been successful.   For the practices that we are able to provide, it is important that parents and players take advantage of these opportunities and attend.  Attendance sometimes become an issue.   It is also hard to strike a balance with Parents on this issue as some prefer more practices while others prefer more games.
Q It seems like the TRA Board consists of the same people in the same positions for quite some time.   Why is that?
A The TRA Board currently consists of a dozen members from a variety of backgrounds. They include members of our Executive, and volunteers that have duties that range from Fundraising, Competitive convenor, Player Development, tournament organization, Schedule maker, Registrar, House League director, etc.  These members are representative of various levels within our sport.   The TRA Board is always open to new members to join and provide input and feedback.   Each May, the TRA holds its annual AGM where the public is invited to attend, and where the next Board is elected.
Q If we have new or inexperienced Coaches chosen, why can’t they be matched with a mentor or help so that they don’t struggle as much?
A  We hear you!   On a few occasions, due to a lack of volunteers, the TRA has been put in the unenviable position of having new coaches without adequate support on the bench.   We are striving to fix this issue going forward, but would appreciate more volunteers willing to come forward to help on our younger divisions teams.  All the course requirements and training are available through the TRA and without cost to you.
Q Some Team Jersey’s are not modern and are badly weathered. Can we not replace some of them
A Yes, House League equipment and Jersey’s are reviewed each year by our Equipment Manager. The Board has decided to replace some Team Jersey’s for this season.
Q Why is it that some levels play at the Whitney Arena while others never have to travel that far
A The city allocates ice time and Arena’s to us each year. The time frames allocated to us are also the same most of the time.   The TRA tries to schedule divisions and games as fair as possible but often the teams playing are dependant on other factors at play.
Q Put a better call-up policy in place when teams are short of players. Why can’t you make it fair so that all players get a chance to improve their skills?
A Very good question, but no easy answer. The TRA has struggled with this issue every year.   The truth is that when there is advance notice of a player being unable to play/attend, The Head coach has the time to call around to find a replacement player, including opportunities for younger players to be called up.    The problems occur when no notice is given to the Team and the Coach has to struggle to find a replacement last minute with someone who is already at the arena.  This situation, unfortunately, happens more often than we would like.  The player chosen, as well, will sometimes be chosen to reflect the skill level of the missing player.   This is important in order to keep the teams balanced and fair.    If you feel that your child is not receiving a fair opportunity to play some of those “extra” games, please consider advising the Coach of your team that your child would like to be considered for such opportunities
Q How can the TRA boost numbers going forward?
A The TRA is constantly looking at constructive ways to improve our Sport and keep Ringette viable in our City. We have promoted our sport in countless newspaper and radio ads each year, plus through our Summer Camp, Fun day, Dad/Daughter Game, and Bring a Friend events.  We have reached out to our Grade schools each year with promotional material, and have received a lot of positive community exposure from the hosting of both Provincial and Regional Ringette Tournaments.  We are always looking at new marketing ideas.  Still, we want to hear from our membership; especially our younger age parents.   Let us know your ideas!
Q Can you please post the Ringette games schedule earlier so families can plan ahead
A Our scheduler strives to complete the monthly schedule as soon as possible, but his efforts to do so are sometimes complicated by late decisions made by the City to change ice times, or complications for the TRA that can’t be foreseen in advance. However, it is the TRA’s plan to work hard this year to have more consistency with this process.
Q Please look to make the Team pictures more modern and more like “hockey” pictures that are out there. Maybe someone younger with NEW ideas?
A The TRA is seeking out multiple quotes for Team pictures to be done. In doing so, we will be seeking a more modern but also cost effective approach.