Social Media / Conduct Complaint Process



Social Media/Conduct Complaint Process

January 2015


  1. 1. Purpose:


            This complaint process is being established to provide all members of the Timmins Ringette Association with a means of expressing concerns about inappropriate behaviour by players, parents, bench staff or officials during games, practices and other team related activities. It also serves as a process for social media complaints.



  1. Complaint Procedure:


Timmins Ringette would expect that most issues could be resolved at a team or individual level through discussion. All Timmins Ringette Association Coaches have an open door policy, so all issues should be brought to the Coach’s attention first.

But, the Association recognizes that some circumstances may need to be investigated through the executive of the Board. If a member of the executive is directly involved in the complaint, the President will appoint an alternate.


A member of the Timmins Ringette Association who is concerned by any behaviour affecting a team or individual associated with a team and is not comfortable approaching the Coach of the team involved, or the concern can not be resolved at that level, may contact an executive member to have an initial discussion with respect to that concern. This discussion will be in confidence.

If after the initial discussion, the member wants the Executive to investigate the matter, the member will provide a written request outlining the nature of the concern. On request, the Executive will attempt to maintain confidentiality but cannot guarantee it.



3 . Investigative Process:


The Executive will investigate the complaint and will try to provide a response to the           member within 10 days of receiving the written request.

If the complaint is against an individual, the Executive will immediately inform the member about the complaint and will arrange a time to discuss the concern. If the complaint is about a team, the Executive will immediately contact the Head Coach.

The Committee may seek information from other TRA members who may have knowledge about the matter under investigation.



  1. 4. Executive Action:

The Executive must first determine if the complaint has validity. If it is not deemed as valid after investigation, the affected members will be so advised.

If the complaint has some validity, the Executive will first attempt to find a means of dealing with the unacceptable behavior in a manner agreeable to the parties involved.

If agreement cannot be reached, the Executive may decide to do any or all of the following:

  1. a) take no further action
  2. b) request, in writing, that a particular behavior be stopped or modified
  3. c) recommend a disciplinary action.
  4. d) if a situation is determined by the Executive to be of a very severe nature, the    Executive may recommend to the President the immediate suspension of any player, parent, bench staff, official or team until the matter can be reviewed by the Timmins Ringette Association Board as a whole. The President has the authority to recommended suspension or dismissal, or if deemed necessary, recommend that the matter be given to local police for direction.


5)   Final Resolution:

Upon receiving a recommendation for a disciplinary action, including suspension, the President will convene a full Board meeting of the Timmins Ringette Association as soon as practical. Affected parties will be notified of the meeting and will be allowed to attend and will be given an opportunity to speak.

The Board of the Timmins Ringette Association has the final authority to:

  1. a) suspend any member
  2. b) remove any bench staff from their position
  3. c) expel any member