Oct 10-17, 2017 Rink News

On October 4, 2017, the Timmins Ringette Association kicked off another busy Ringette Season.  This year, we have 17 teams spread across 5 different levels of play.  We are planning to have another successful season both in our House League and Competitive Programs.   For more information visit   www.timminsringette.com


Games on October 10, 2017   

1)         Porcupine Kinsmen (3)  vs  Royal Canadian Legion (1)     (novice level)

In Novice level action, the Porcupine Kinsmen team outlasted a stubborn Royal Canadian Legion team by a score of 3-1.     Jillian Daguerre led the Kinsmen with a 2 goal and one assist effort.   Addison Mcquatt was the lone reply for the Legion team.


2)   Porcupine Kinsmen (4)   vs Timmins Garage  (3)    (Petite level)

In Petite level play this day, The Porcupine Kinsmen squeaked out a slim 4-3 win over Timmins Garage.   Chloe Champion led the winner`s with two goals and an assist, while Anne-Sophie Labelle and Daphne Labelle added single scores.     For Timmins Garage, Ella McCarty led the charge with two goals, while Isabelle Quesnel-Godda contributed two important assists.   Lauren Bonsall and Kenady Hussey added single point efforts.

Of note, this was Julie Whissel`s first Ringette game and she put in a strong effort with two shots on goal and lots of hustle in chasing the ring.  Welcome Julie.


Games on October 11, 2017

1)         Albert’s Sports and Workwear  (9)  vs Rehab Plus (5)    (Tween level)

This game was a high flying game from the start.   Both teams came in waves but the Albert’s crew outlasted the Rehab team girls by a score of 9-5.  Albert’s was led by Marie-Pier Durepos-Letourneau’s 4 goal performance and a 4 point night from Jessica Boileau.  Madison Seguin scored two goals and added an assist, while Kaylee Simoneau chipped in with another three points.  Jayme Macotte and Alexandre Lent added single assists.   Sierra Landry led the Rehab Plus effort with a two goal effort, while Caelen Easton put up a strong three point game in her return from injury.  Danika Ratte had two points and Olivia Deforge, in her first year of playing Ringette, showed that she belonged by putting up a strong two points.  Karine Harvey added a single score.


2)         Masonic Lodge (5)  vs Custom Concrete  (O)   (JBO division)

The score did not do this game justice. This was a very intense game. The play was back and forth.  And, the girls from both teams worked hard.  In the end, the difference was the spectacular goaltending performance of Emelie Roberts.  The Lodge were led by strong two point performances from Isabelle Rondeau, Kara D’Arcangelo and Magalie Durepos-Letourneau.   Single contributions came off the sticks of Marie Bourdages-Cote, Emelie Viel, and Megan Lessard


Games on October 15, 2017

1)       Alberts Sports and Workwear (7)  vs Viel’s Auto Body (1)   (Tween level)

In Tween level play, a strong and inspired Albert’s team took it to Viel’s Auto Body by a score of 7-1.  Jessica Boileau tallied 2 goals and one assist for the winners.  Alexandre Lent added 4 points, while Jayme Macotte, Kaylee Simoneau, and Aila Duggan each added one assist.   Margueritte Bourdages-Cote and Tessa Desjardins tallied single point efforts in a losing cause.


2)        Custom Concrete (3)  vs  Tisdale Plumbing and Heating (3)  (JBO division)

In JBO action, these two rivals squared off in a fast paced back and forth affair, with the girls from Concrete having to come from behind twice in order to tie this game.  Jamie-Lee Cayen led the Tisdale crew with a one goal, one assist effort, while Veronique Gagne and E. Jensen contributed single markers.    Allysa Curtis scored two goals for Custom Concrete while Alexie Trudel added a single score.   Both goalies were outstanding in this game.


3)       Cain Safety (4)   vs   Masonic Lodge  (2)     (JBO Dvision)

In other JBO action, Cain Safety beat Masonic Lodge in a high spirited game by a score of 4-2.   Cain Safety was led to victory by the strong two goal effort of Sydney Dagenais.  She was supported through a point effort performance from her older sister, Gabrielle, as well as from Karine Caron.  G. Lambert and Alexa Caron chipped in with single assist efforts.


Games on October 16, 2017

Timmins Garage  (6)  vs  Designer Pool  (5)  (Petite level)

In Petite division play, Timmins Garage outlasted Designer Pool  6-5.   The winners were led by Anika Alarie`s first two goals as a Petite level player.  Ella McCarty also scored 2.   Isabelle Quesnel-Godda chipped in with two important assists while single points came from Camryn Hyde, Lauren Bonsall, and Kenady Hussey.  For the hard fighting Designer Pool team, Marie Aide Rios scored a whopping 4 goals, with one coming in the last two minutes of the game to put a scare into Timmins Garage.   Elise Aubry and Brooke-Lynne McGinn contributed single point efforts in a losing cause.


Games on October 17, 2017

1)   Neo Lazer Tag  (4)   vs  Porcupine Kinsmen  (1)   (Novice level)

This was a great game between the Kinsmen and NEO Lazer Tag.  The final score was 4 to 1 for NEO Lazer tag.  Valerie Hamilton, the goalie for Kinsmen, played a strong game.  For Neo Lazer, Cloe Belanger-Gallant stood on her head to only allow 1 goal.  Kaitlyn Bangs scored a pair for the winners and added an assist.  That assist was from a strong pass to Isabella Merenda, which lead to a nice goal.  Olivia Vandal registered her first point of the season with a nice pass to Jana Courchese, that resulted in a goal.  For the Kinsmen, Sophie Chamberlain registered a stunning goal with a nice pass from Addison Lamothe.  Overall, it was a good game and both teams had fun.


2)   Designer Pool  (6)  vs Porcupine Kinsmen  (4)   (Petite level)

In Petite action this date,  Designer Pool outlasted a stubborn Kinsmen team by outscoring them in the last period, by a score of 6-4.   The Designer team was led by Janelle Lapierre`s 2 goals and one assist, as well as Isabella Beatty-Peters 2 goal effort.  Martina Romain and Fiona Bernier chipped in with two points each.   Maria Aide- Rios and A. Aide-Rios added one point each.   For the Kinsmen, Zoe Brazeau made a statement by scoring three points, and Chloe Champion added two assists.  Talia Rivard and Juliette Bourdages-Cote each scored one goal.