Opening Ceremonies Information

The Opening Ceremonies will be held on Thursday March 17, 7:30 PM at the McIntyre Arena

We ask that ALL teams PLEASE forward the following information to by Friday, March 4th, 2016:

  1. Please confirm if you will be attending the Opening Ceremonies.

If attending:

  1. Please send us the number of players on your team and coaching staff who will be participating in the parade of teams.
  2. Will you be using a bus to come to the opening ceremonies?
  3. Please send One high resolution team photo AND Association logo.  We ask that you add clear wording to the photo in order to identify the team and division.

The Opening Ceremonies Committee would like Provincial team coaching staff to share the following information with their teams and parents in order to help with the organization of the ceremony.   We have worked very hard to make this ceremony as unique an experience for you as possible, and strongly encourage you all to attend:



McIntyre Arena, 85 McIntyre Rd, Timmins (Schumacher).  Carpooling to the event is strongly recommended.  If your team is coming in on a bus, we will send you the specific area that has been reserved for buses.



All players and coaching staff must be dropped off no later than 6:30 p.m. in front of the main entrance of the McIntyre Arena and go through the Coffee Shop doors.

Parents and spectators are to use the main arena doors in the same area.  An area in the arena will be reserved for parents and spectators (and another area for the players to sit after the parade).  There will be well-identified volunteers directing everyone.



Opening Ceremonies will begin at 7:30 p.m. sharp and we are planning that they will be no longer than 90 minutes.



The theme is Light Up the North.  Please keep costumes for the players very simple as there are many stairs and narrow hallways where the players will be lining-up right up until they will get on the ice for the parade of teams.  Teams will be paraded in by Association (all levels together).  Associations may want to dress with the same theme.  Each Association will be assigned an area for its teams to get ready.  There will be signs and volunteers to help direct you.  Please arrive in costume and keep in mind that the arena is cold. The arena lighting will be dimmed to accommodate themed costumes. The ice will be covered with carpeting so they do not need skates. We ask that the players do not bring any personal items of value to the venue.



At the end of the ceremonies, we ask that the parents and spectators be patient and wait in the stands a few minutes while the players are escorted back to their original areas in order to avoid chaos.

Coaching staff are responsible that all players have been picked up and that there are no personal belongings left behind after the ceremonies.

Please be patient and drive cautiously when leaving the parking area and respect the driving attendants.



Signs identifying Associations by City will be provided for the parade!


GOOD  NEWS…The Opening Ceremonies will be webcast live via which can be accessed on our website under the Tournament tab!

We look forward to seeing you Light Up the North in a few weeks!!


Should you have any questions regarding the Opening Ceremonies, please contact either:
Matt Easton ( or   Tony Bartolomucci (

Co-chairs of the Opening Ceremonies Committee


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