Letter From ORA



Fourteen teams from each of  U14A, U16 A, U19A and seven teams from 18+ A will be participating in the 2016 A Provincials being hosted by the Timmins Ringette Association from March 17-20.  Each division of fourteen teams will be divided into two tiers of seven teams based on ranking.  The two tiers will be independent of each other and there will be no crossover between tiers.

It is guaranteed that there will be one representative per Region in each division, provided the Region hosts a team in the division.  The other positions will be filled through the wild card process.  Placement of the Regional Rep will be based on ranking.  Regional Representatives will be identified February 16th.  Wild Cards will be determined February 17th.  Tournament results to the end of February  14th will be used for the determination of Wild Cards, formation of tiers and ranking of teams.

If a team has been reseeded throughout the season, then the scores from all games played against that team will be eliminated from the rankings.

At the Provincials, there will be a full round robin for each tier.  The top three (3) teams will advance to the medal round, which will consist of a bronze and a gold medal game on Sunday.  Gold, silver and bronze medals as well as banners will be awarded to each group. Sticks will be given to each gold medal winners.

It is mandatory for all players in the U6 to U19 age divisions to wear shoulder pads that were manufactured specifically for the sport of hockey and /or ringette without any alterations.  Failure to do so can result in a delay of game penalty and the player being asked to leave the game and not return until they are wearing proper shoulder pads.

There will not be overtime in round robin games.  Games will end in a win with two points, a tie with one point or a loss with zero points as in tournaments throughout the season.  Where required, tie breaking rules and mini games will be used to determine which teams participate in the semi-finals.

Attached you will find the tie breaking rules as well as the rules for mini games.  Please take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with them.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Regional G&T Coordinator for clarification.


Kathy Noxon,


Provincial Games & Tournaments Committee