2016 ‘A’ Provincials

We Found 3 Earings

If any of these 1/2 pair of earings are yours please email david.laneville@gmail.com and we will arrange to get them back in your hands.

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** Venue Change **

Game U19J-23, the Gold Medal Game, will now take place at the Whitney Arena

Game U14J-23, the Gold Medal Game, will now take place at the Archie Dillon Spoprtsplex

Both games will still be played at NOON

Mini Games Are Done

Guelph U14 Jacks and Richmond Hill U19 Jacks advance to their semi-final games on Sunday morning

Division Time Visitor Home
U16 Jacks 8:20 PM Ajax Guelph
U19 Jacks 8:50 PM  Timmins  Richmond Hill



The Timmins Ringette Association is proud to have been selected to host the

2016 Provincial ‘A’ Championship



This tournament will run from Thursday March 17 to Sunday March 20, 2016.

Timmins will see more than 700 athletes on 56 teams in 4 divisions compete to be the best in Ontario.

It will take more than 175 games to sort it all out in the U14, U16, U19 and 18+ divisions and those 175 games will be played at all 5 Timmins arenas & the Jus Jordan in Iroquois Falls.

Come out and live our tournament theme to “Light Up The North

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